iPlayer 3 Release Notes

Release v1.0.82 (June 25, 2013)

New Features

Bug Fixes

Release v1.0.59 (October 19, 2011)

New Features

Bug Fixes

Release v1.0.58 (October 19, 2011)

New Features
  • None

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected reset location error in linker script from version 1.0.57

Release v1.0.57 (September 20, 2011)

New Features
  • Updated firmware to work with new real-time clock

Bug Fixes
  • None

Release v1.0.54 Build 1 (October 28, 2010)

New Features
  • Auto-update daylight savings values (requires ColorPlay3 v1.9.1)
  • Date ranges for alarms (requires ColorPlay3 v1.9.1)
  • Restore last show on system startup, configurable from UI
  • Play triggers from UI
  • Display show name in UI
  • DST indicator dot in UI
  • Keypad hard-off command (not toggle-off)
  • Updated alarm UI wording
  • Display received serial commands in UI

Bug Fixes
  • Lights off transition issue
  • Incorrect astronomical alarm times
  • Serial ports choke on fast data
  • Can't reach trigger 256 in UI
  • Can't reach alarm 64 in UI
  • Serial messages received while in menu cause show missing errors
  • Various menu arrows, states fixed

Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.52

  • Fix bug in cross-fade transitions between two downloaded shows.

Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.51

  • Increase number of alarms from 16 to 64. A newer version of ColorPlay is required to take advantage of this feature.

Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.50

  • Fix bug that shifted most DMX values down by 1.
  • Change up/down button response so each click corresponds to 1 count in the 0-100 range.

Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.49

  • Fix bug that prevented entering effect times greater than about 13 minutes.

Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.48

  • Correct sunrise / sunset calculations:
  • Fix lat/long UI so you can enter a value between 0.0 and -1.0.
  • Fix interpretation of int and frac components of lat/long.
  • Change astronomical zenith to correct value.

Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.47

  • Fixed bug that caused 513 bytes to be output after start code instead of 512, which caused incompatibility with Pathways Connectivity devices.

Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.46

  • Add Button Sensitivity setting to setup menu, range 0 - 5.
  • 0 is most sensitive (original behavior). 1 is the new manufacturing default.
  • Higher numbers are more noise immune, but have noticible "lag."

Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.45

  • Fix intermittent error in audio output ISR.

Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.44

  • Fix clock startup problems with new versions of silicon.
  • Improve SD card write speed.
  • Improve power-up speed.

Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.43

  • 1559: v1.0.42 flicker fix broke show to show cross fade: Fixed a bug in v1.0.42 that made show-to-show cross fade stop working.

Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.42

  • 1556: Add "Next Alarm" feature to UI: Added Info->View Alarms menu item to user interface.
  • 1549: Alarms based on astro clock are broken with negative minutes: Fixed several issues related to Alarms based on Astronomical Clock values.
  • 1555: iP3/Keypad Flicker w/ Dimming : Fixed a bug that causes a brief flicker at the end of a downloaded show set to loop, when the iP3 brightness is less than 100%.

Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.41

  • 1441: Alarms set on specific day don't work: Fixed bug in day-of-week calculation that caused alarms configured to fire on a particular day of the week to fire on the wrong day.

    Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.40

    • 1422: Error Code 7 Reoccurrence: Fixed problem that caused freshly-formatted SD cards to cause Error Code 3 and Error Code 7.

    Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.39

    • 1401: USB file write is painfully slow: Made some speed improvements in USB download. Should use with iP3USBLib v1.0.21 and above for maximum effect.

    Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.38

    • 1295: Load-level SD card writes: Added load-leveling code to reduce excessive SD card writes.
    • 1395: Playback of large files slows down over time: Fixed bug that caused long shows to eventually slow down.

    Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.37

    • 1357: Break timing off: Extended DMX "Break" duration to match spec.

    Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.36

    • 1316: Save changes on Triggers submenu has yes/no mapped wrong: Fixed menu bug that occurred whenever a user chose "No" at the "Save Changes" prompt inside the "Triggers" submenu.
    • 1303: Relative Intensity Decrease via RS232: Fixed subtle bug in "Set Relative Brightness" expansion port command implementation.

    Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.35

    • 1313: Empty DMX Frame: Fixed DMX bug that caused occasional empty frames (with only Break, then Mark, then Start Code, but no data) to be generated).

    Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.34

    • 1311: Add DMX frame USB command: Added ability to send arbitrary DMX frames via USB in order to facilitate creation of tools like SAS and PDSTool for iPlayer3.

    Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.33

    • 1294: Alarm error thrown on blank SD card: Fixed bug that required a power cycle (due to Alarm Error) after powering up an iPlayer3 with a freshly-formatted SD card in it.
    • 1293: SD card corruption: Fixed the "Error Code 3" file corruption bug caused by excessive SD card sector wear.
    • 1291: Seconds capped at 58 in iPlayer3 UI: Fixed onboard user interface bug that capped "seconds" fields at a value of 58.

    Release Notes - iPlayer3: v1.0.32

    • 1274: SERIAL TRIGGERING: Fixed problem with expansion port command response strings.
    • 1248: Can't clear alarm from UI?: Fixed bug that prevented users from clearing an alarm from the onboard UI.