Firmware Updater Release Notes

Release 2.12.0 Build 7 (Feb 14, 2020)

New Features

-          Added support for Graze Compact

-          Added support for Purestyle Compact

-          Extends serial number range for Graze MX4

-          Extends serial number range for Purestyle

-          Consolidates entries by SFT number, removing distinction by LED chemistry

-          Adjusts order of fixtures

-          Updated License agreement

Release 2.11.0 Build 6 (Aug 01, 2017)

New Features

-          Added support for updating ColorGraze MX4 IntelliHue

-          Added support for updating Accent Compact 4 Ch

-          Added support for updating XNE fixtures

Release 2.10.0 Build 5 (Jun 9, 2017)

New Features

-          Added support for updating Reach Elite Powercore

Release 2.9.0 Build 4 (Feb 16, 2017)

New Features

-          Added support for updating eW/eColor Burst gen2

Release 2.8.0 Build 3 (Jan 19, 2017)

New Features

-          Added support for updating Blast Gen4 Precision Dimming

Bug Fixes

-          Updated product naming

Release 2.7.1 Build 2 (June 14, 2016)

New Features

-          Added support for updating:

o   Accent Compact

o   Accent Compact PDS

Release 2.7.0 Build 1 (January 29, 2016)

New Features

-          Added support for updating:

o   Blast gen4

o   Burst gen2

o   PureStyle

o   Antumbra

o   Graze MX4

o   DE Pro Intellipower G2

o   Reach (eW/iW/iColor/4Ch)

Release 2.6.2 Build 57 (July 9, 2013)

New Features

-          Packaged in installer with prerequisites (except for FTDI driver which is included in QPP)

-          Added support for updating:

o   MR-G3

o   Blaze 4 Color

o   SkyRibbon Direct, Graze and Wash

o   DE Pro Intellipower

-          Added check to prevent iPlayer3 from downgrading past 1.00.54, New hardware is incompatible with older Firmware

-          Added check/warning if down grading to earlier than 1.00.82,  SD cards larger then 2GB�s are not supported

-          Added recovery sequence for iPlayer 3, when bootloading fails.

Bug Fixes

-          Discovery of Accent fixtures is now more robust.

-          Discovery of Ethernet Keypads and color dials are more robust

-          Renamed �icolor ugraze� to �ColorGraze�

-          Renamed �iw ugraze�  to �iW Graze�

-          Removed �Burst� support

-          Solved problem updating multi-pixel Reach fixtures (SN�s  84000000 to 8400FFFF)

-          Graceful recovery for selecting an incorrect Firmware file

-          Fixed slow connection to iPlayer 3 on Windows 8



v2.3.4B20110721 - GTG

  - Need to special case Colorblast g2/g3 bootloading.


 v2.2.3B20100607 - GTG

  - Fixed Reach product bootload issue.


 v2.2.2B20100527 - GTG

  - Made log window read only.

  - Log window is captured to a file upon exit.

  - After programming a CKDMX fixture, focus goes to manual serial

    number line edit.


 v2.2.1B20100524 - GTG

  - CKDMX bootload support over Ethernet or iPlayer3 (Smartjack Pro

    support TBD).

  - Bootloader being converted to use DeviceLib instead of KinetLib.


 v2.1.0B20100422 - GTG

  - Updated to Qt 4.6.2.

  - UI tweaks to TFTP bootloading process.


 v2.0.3B20100421 - GTG

  - Modifications required for UI bootloading.


 v2.0.2B20100324 - GTG

  - Properly merged code to bootload UI boards of ColorBlast TRX.


 v2.0.1B20100317 - GTG

  - Handles multiprocessor fixtures.


 v1.3.1B20100201 - GTG

  - Interruption to TFTP writes will alert user and populate the

    manual IP address field with the interrupted device since it will

    not be discoverable in this state.


 v1.3.0B20091123 - GTG

  - For TFTP updated products, it was desired to have a manual IP

    address entry field in order to continue TFTP updating if it was

    prematurely interrupted.


 v1.2.2B20090902 - GTG

  - Interface types renamed to "USB", "Ethernet Fixtures", and

    "Ethernet Controllers."

  - When selecting the firmware file, version is parsed from the hex

    file and displayed.

  - A discovered and selected device displays what version firmware

    it currently has.

  - With an error selecting a FW file (device mismatch), the next

    open file file browser dialog should open to the last used

    directory, not back to the application directory.


 v1.2.1B20090831 - GTG

  - Fixed an issue where ip3 connect pushbutton was not being


  - Reach & Graze fixtures are lumped together in the device


  - Color Dial 2 renamed to Color Dial Pro.


 v1.1.9B20090731 - GTG

  - Some debugging code left behind that caused problems loading

    firmware for the USB and TFTP devices.


 v1.1.8B20090403 - GTG

  - Debugged Graze firmware bootloading.


 v1.1.7 - 12 Jan 09 - GTG

  - Removed specialized debug interface.


 v1.1.6 - 23 Jun 08 - GTG

  - Minor tweak to the developer environment to reference the proper

    version of the ckblprod.xml file.

  - Minor debugging interface changes for Mark.


 v1.1.5 - 02 Jun 08 - GTG

  - Integrated the TFTP bootloader for POE keypad.


 v1.1.4 - 16 May 08 - GTG

  - GUI has been modified for a more consistent look no matter the

    protocol selected.

  - Load firmware code refactored to a single function rather than

    have three separate functions for each protocol.

  - Placeholder code put in to load a help file in the default web


  - Tool tips have been added to all buttons and status tips to all

    combo boxes & line edits.

  - The ckblprod.xml file has been expanded to include USB & TFTP



 v1.1.3 - 13 May 08 - GTG

  - Low level bootloading functions are now encapsulated in the

    KiNETLib EEPROMWriter class.


 v1.1.2 -  7 May 08 - GTG

  - Added tabs for the Enet Keypad.  Just placeholders for now.

  - Debug code was breaking because the project linker was using the

    release library (QtXml4.lib) instead of the debug library


  - Added the KiNETLib.dll to the project file.

  - In the project, include directory "$(LSMDIR)..." should change

    to $(KNLDIR) in which KNLDIR is set to:


  - GUI is now state machine driven.


 v1.1.1 -  6 May 08 - GTG

  - This is the version passed to me from Mark Rabiner.