Upgrading Light System Engine gen5 from Firmware v1.9.6 or Earlier

Note: If upgrading Light System Engine gen5 from firmware version 1.9.5 or earlier, you must first upgrade to 1.9.6, then to 2.0.0, and then to the latest version.

To upgrade Light System Engine using a USB drive:

  1. Download the latest firmware file to your computer from www.colorkinetics.com/support/lsm/.
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file. Do not change the file name of the unzipped firmware file.
  3. Copy the .pck firmware file to a an empty FAT32 formatted USB drive. The USB drive should be 16 GB or larger capacity.
  4. Back up the Light System Engine database.
  5. Insert the USB drive in a USB port on the Light System Engine. Light System Engine installs the new firmware, and then reboots four times. After each reboot, Light System Engine beeps. Do not remove the USB drive.
  6. After the fourth reboot, connect to the LSE web interface from a computer connected to the lighting network. You can safely remove the USB drive from the Light System Engine only after connecting to the LSE web interface.

If Light System Engine successfully reboots, it runs the new firmware version. You have completed the upgrade procedure.

If Light System Engine fails to reboot, the upgrade was not successful. In such a situation, you will need to recover your Light System Engine to the previous firmware version, as detailed in the Light System Manager User Guide.

Note: Light System Engine copies all data from the current firmware version to the new firmware version.